Welcome to rainbow Flowers

Rainbow Colors PLC was founded in 2008 G.C. It is a 43 hectare land, 165 employee flower farm that grows roses for export. The flower farm is located on a farm in Debrezeit, Ethiopia which is approximately 47 km from the city centre, Addis Ababa and close to the international airport.

Ethiopia has an ideal production climate for Roses. Warm days and cool nights encourage excellent quality; large buds, long stems and vibrant color.Its location in Debrezeit, being in the altitude rage of above 1940 meters above sea level, hence provides for good geographic location, favorable climatic conditions, and mild to warm temperatures, enabling the production of many varieties of Duett, Athena and High and Magic Roses of high quality in 43 hectares of modern greenhouses in the farm at Debrezeit. Fresh and clean water is also available in abundance.

Despite the fact that the company entered this competitive, not more than two decades old economic stream two years ago, its input to the market has been quite significant. Rainbow Color PLC has a bright future ahead of it with the promising investment climate, abundant resources like labor, land, water and generally advantageous agro-ecological conditions; we are looking to expanding in the vegetable and fruit farming for export.


We produce different varieties of quality roses to your preferences. But the main ones are the following types of roses that dominate our product catalogue.